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    Default Scotts 2554 tractor PTO

    I picked up a Scotts 2554 (John Deere G 100 I think) Garden Tractor that was in a barn for 3 or more years. Got the engine tuned up and all seemed well. I discovered that when I engaged the mower the battery lite came on. I went thru 3 batteries last season, kept thinking the voltage regulator was bad, After thinking the problem over I realized the PTO not functioning properly. Getting info from Deere is like pulling teeth. A tech manual is $85!! Anyone have tips or hints or a wiring diagram?? The mower deck /blades all function normally, as I mentioned above as soon as I engage the PTO (Electric)The discharge lite comes on and the battery discharges completely within 1 hour!!
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    Default Re: Scotts 2554 tractor PTO

    Try this link
    John Deere - Parts Catalog

    This is the online parts manual for your 2554 and should show the wiring routing for you. Hope it helps


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    The pto clutch gap is to wide, should be set at .010" inch. Or the armature inside the electric clutch itself is bad. Either way, when u reinstall the clutch, anti-seize the crankshaft to help for future removal.

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    I would check the charging system. The PTO has me most current draw and if the charging system can't keep up then battery will drain down. Have you measures the battery voltage with the tractor running? You should see 13-14 volts. Test with a fully charged battery that reads near 12 volts before starting, start tractor, should see 13-14v, then engage the PTO and see if there is a huge drop in voltage.

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