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    Default Learned big lesson on j20d hy-gard fluid

    I hope to pass on my big lesson. Will try to make this short and to the point. I bought my used X485 almost 4 years ago. Went to the dealer where original owner purchased it and got all the filters, oil, and hydro fluid. I knew nothing about the x485 other than it seemed like an awesome lawn tractor. Went there and asked for all the correct "stuff".

    Today, i just went to another local JD dealer and requested j20d hydro fluid. Bottom line is this, He gave me J20C, NOT j20d!!!! Just as the original dealer did. I can't believe these guys. started researching after I got it to be sure I got the correct thing. No where on the front of the containers does it have j20c or j20d. If the manual is going to specify something, it should be clearly on the front of the jugs since both of my local JD dealers don't know anymore than a Walmart guy. I have been running j20c for 3 1/2 years and it just burns me up. I run only fully synthetic oils as I believe the oil is the live of the engine. Can't change anything about the last 3+ years but I now actually have j20d.

    So for you guys who are new to JD lawn tractors and have not yet learned the ropes, do not assume your local JD dealer knows what they are talking about. The product number on the j20d jug is TY22000. And for the Harvard graduate who writes the owners manual, they should put the part number instead since j20d since it is not anywhere on the jug.

    On a brighter note, after almost 4 years, I now have a cat 1 hitch with a few 3ph implements. Also just got my Johnny Bucket in today so I am finally using the x485 to its potential


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    Default Re: Learned big lesson on j20d hy-gard fluid

    Did you notice any difference? I just changed the oil on my LX280 for the first time. During the process of first finding how to do it and second finding which oil to use I got frustrated. Some owners insisted on JD oil which I have no problems with accepting since it's been tested and specified.

    Then I found others that got different advice from the manufacturer such as using 5W-50 Synthetic weight in my personal lawn tractor. I read about a person who owned an LX279 (water cooled) that lost power/speed in his transmission. He eventually changed to the 5W-50 and said it made the difference. Once contemplating if the tranny had to be replaced. This story stuck in my mind. I wanted to stick with the factory specification but... Upon getting information from the manufacturer Tuff Torq on my K62 Hydro... I was told to use 5W-50 Synthetic. This is not on the chart. I'm thinking that they decided later to go this route.

    Either way a story to add to the topic for the readers. I hope that your change went successful even with the different oil.

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    Default Re: Learned big lesson on j20d hy-gard fluid

    Your JD dealers (any JD dealer for that fact) should be the educated ones when it comes to the products they sell and service, but it happens all too often that there are too many that are "in the dark".

    Tim,as for the Hy Guard type you were given,where you are geographically shouldn't matter. The only differences in the two are the temperatures that they are formulated for. I would think warm weather locations can use either one.

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