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    Default Re: How reliable are JD lawn tractors?

    I sure wouldn't waste money on a D series Deere -- put it towards a better model.

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    Trust me when I tell you I've owned enough "cheap lawn mowers" in my lifetime thinking by saving a few thousand I was getting a better deal. What I don't realize was by year two or three the same parts kept going on them over and over and over again. I've had everything from a Murray to a newer Snapper(nothing like you're 28yr old one trust me!) and a homeowner John Deere zturn. I finally got fed up and went trough a midlife crisis about twenty years early and broke down down and bought the baddest commercial built to the gills last forever zero turn I could afford! Best decision I've made in my life pertaining to any yard/lawn related decision. Money WELL spent on my part!
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    Default Re: How reliable are JD lawn tractors?

    I dont know if anyone has mentioned. Mowing with a powerful, heavy, well made tractor can make the task a much more pleasant one. I actually look forward to mowing time on my tractor.

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    Default Re: How reliable are JD lawn tractors?

    You know virtually everything on that Snapper can be rebuilt or replaced. I know several people that bought older ones and rebuilt them from the ground up and they're like new again. Then again after 28 years of service it may be ready for retirement sure enough.
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    After having 2 craftsman's and 1 hechingers . I got an x540 about 4 yrs ago and love it. What a difference quality makes. It's a bit more up front but you notice what your paying for in the end. We mow about 2 acres around the house with it.
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    Default Re: How reliable are JD lawn tractors?

    I bought a used 1987 JD318 for $2200 13 years ago and its still going strong with only the normal maintenance being performed since then (oil, filters, belts and a few small parts). After 25 years and a lot of hours (1500 estimated) the Onan engine is starting to use a little oil but still has plenty of power, no oil leaks anywhere on the machine and the deck is still in good shape with no rust through spots. Probably could get nearly $2,000 for it today if I wanted to sell it.

    As others have suggested I would recommend buying used upper end JD rather than a new low end model.

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    Default Re: How reliable are JD lawn tractors?

    Bought a GT235 JD almost ten years ago for $5000 even OTD. Still runs like the day I bought it 18 hp Kawasaki air cooled.400+hrs.
    Still on original belts.

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    Default Re: How reliable are JD lawn tractors?

    I would like to see you step into a Deere as much or more than anyone else, cuz that's where my retirement check comes from. But Snapper has been making rear engine riders for several decades now so they must be doing something right. One of their best features is standing the entire thing up on its rear wheels to sharpen the blade. It just doesn't get any easier than that. And they match your price range.

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    Thumbs down Re: How reliable are JD lawn tractors?

    Quote Originally Posted by canlis View Post
    I will be buying a new lawn tractor to replace my 8hp Snapper RER which is 28 years old and just went bad on me. I guess I should not complain.I went to a JD power and equipment dealer and was told that if I wanted to get the same level of reliability/durability that I got from my Snapper, then I would have to buy at least the x300(starting at $3000) model because any D100 series JD will only last 4-5 years. I found that very hard to believe since it is not my intention to spend $3000 for a tractor. My price range is $1500-$2000. However, another expert in lawn tractors also said that a mechanical engineer for JD told him that the D100 series JD was designed so that the transmission will last only 200 hours which equates to 50 hrs/yr or 4 years. I was interested in the D130 model since it was in my price range. However,now I'm skeptical about it if these statements are true because I do not want to buy another tractor in 4-5 years if I can help it. My lawn is 3/4 acre and basically flat. What suggestions can anyone give me on this matter? Has anyone experienced any reliability/durability problems with the JD D130? ***How has anyone found JD manufacturer/retail support in the event of a problem?Thanks for your help!
    All the big box store lawn tractors are the same so it don't matter what the label or the color is. ***There is no retail support on big box store lawn tractors , JD or other wise.
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    Default Re: How reliable are JD lawn tractors?

    Pretty much what everyone has said. Treat it right and it will last. The D series are made for small, flat lawns for people on a budget. Don't expect to climb hills or plow the driveway, but treated well it will get decent service.

    And also don't think that buying another brand tractor in the same price range will make it better, they will be just as cheaply made. I will never own a Home Depot lawn mower or equivalent. I will buy what will last. More money up front, less down the road.

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