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    Default X720 Deck Adjustment Knob Won't Move

    Today I removed the mower deck from my new X720SE to install the Quick Connect Front Hitch and 54" Snow Plow. After I removed the deck, I forgot to raise the deck position knob to the highest setting before installing the front hitch and plow. After connecting the hydraulic lines to the plow and moving it in all directions, I tried to raise the deck knob from the lowest position to the highest one. It would only go to the no. 2.5 setting and will not move in either direction. Did I ruin something or is it an easy fix. The dealer is about 2 hours away so I would prefer not to take it to him. Thanks for your help and advise.

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    Default Re: X720 Deck Adjustment Knob Won't Move

    I don't think you hurt anything. Just raise deck lift arms up, then turn the knob. Do you have the diverter knob that you have to turn to switch the hydraulic flow from the deck lift cylinder to the front hitch angle cylinder? On my x748, it's a metal, knurled knob located underneath and near the valve body.

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    Default Re: X720 Deck Adjustment Knob Won't Move

    When removing the deck you should set the height knob to the lowest position, remove the deck, raise the draft arms all the way up then close the lock out valve.

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