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    Default Starting problem with X340

    This was originally posted on another forum but someone suggested this one would be better....

    I bought an X340 a couple months ago from a widow lady down the road. They bought it new five or six years ago. It wouldn't start without a jump and, at first, the motor sort of surged while I was driving it but that problem has gone away. I attributed it to having been sitting in the barn for two years after the old gent passed away.

    At first I thought it was a bad battery. I bought a new one but the problem continued. I replaced the battery [I]another[I] time and still no joy.
    What is happening is this: When I try to start it I get a single, muffled 'click' and nothing more. If I give it a jump from my F150 it will fire right up and run fine. It might even start three or four times right after that before going into 'no start' mode again. I did the simple things first: pulled and cleaned every wire and cable connection I could see. A couple times it would start right after this and I thought I had fixed the issue. The next day: no start.
    I've also cleaned the connections at the seat safety switch and the switch connected to the big starter pedal/clutch. If this was my 8N or my 1968 Mustang I would be thinking 'starter solenoid,' or, worst case.... starter motor, though in many ways this tractor is more complicated than both the 8N and the Mustang. But I want to address the simple/cheap things first and I believe I have covered everything.

    I figure my next step is to replace the starter relay/solenoid. That will cost about $30 while the starter motor will cost about $300.00!! (outrageous!!)

    I got what I think was a very good deal on the tractor ($1150 including three implements -around 700 hours on the meter. Always in the barn. Tires are good. No rust. Runs and cuts great - if I can get it started. Paying $300 for a starter will make the sweet deal not so sweet.

    I know how to use one jumper to run from the POS terminal of the battery to starter motor (at least on the 8N and Mustang) but I'm not sure where to hook the jumper cable up to the starter motor on the X340 to test the starter.

    Is it going to be really difficult to replace the starter, should I need to?

    I would appreciate any thoughts and guidance.


    Ken. Bellville Texas

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    Default Re: Starting problem with X340

    Wear safety glasses.

    Disconnect the negative cable from the battery.
    Clean the post until shiny.
    Clean the end of the cable
    Inspect the length of the cable for cracks and corrosion. Replace if bad.
    Remove the other end of the cable and clean both the cable and where it connects. Re-connect this end.
    Do the same with the positive cable, both ends.
    Reconnect the negative cable.
    Everything must be clean and tight.
    Spray battery connections with an anti-corrosion battery terminal aerosol.

    This should take you only any hour and may correct your problem for little cost.

    If it doesn't fix your issue it will still benefit and won't hurt.

    Good luck and be careful.

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    Default Re: Starting problem with X340

    Bu11seye, the battery is brand new so the posts are clean and shiny. I cleaned the battery end of the cables at time of installation. However, I have not checked the other ends. Totally didn't think about them even though I removed and cleaned up pretty much every other wire/connection on the tractor. I'll go do that right now. Such a simple thing might actually work, but that's usually not the way things happen to me!

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