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    Default LX277 hydro

    This fall I was plug aerating my lawn, we had a dry summer so the ground was a bit hard even though it had just rained. I had to load down the aerator with some pretty good weight to get the aerator to cut in. My lawn is one and a half acres, all went well for about an hour then the lawn tractor started to go slower to the point it barely moved. I unloaded the weight and unhooked the aerator and was able to drive it back to the garage. I felt the hydro fluid it was full and hardly warm. I let the lawn tractor sit for a while then started it and mowed the lawn, all seemed to be fine. Do you think I hurt anything?

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    Default Re: LX277 hydro

    Try changing the fluid if it does it again. Or maybe just change it anyway. Switching it to a synthetic oil helps it work more consistantly.

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