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    Default 455 New Skins!!

    Well I finally broke down and completed my "new skin" purchase for my 455. I have been running the original turf style tires on the front for years. I have a 40 loader and live in the country with a ton of trees. A lot of my loader use is for pushing brush and moving logs to cut for firewood. A good deal of my firewood is the thorny locust type. The thorns are rough on tires especially the front. After reading numerous posts on this and other sites I finally purchased the ribbed style front tires from Miller tire. OMG I wish I would have purchased these things years ago. I should of known, have been operating big JD's all my life on the Uncles farm with the rib style tires but never knew they were available for the little fellers. I also ordered a new set of back tires to replace the cheap-o bar tires I put on years ago. The did ok, better than the turf but weren't anything near the Carlisle "Tru Power" that I put on. I got my new ones on the day after our big Midwest snow. Made all the difference in the world moving snow. They don't work worth a hoot on ice but nothing but chains do. They are fantastic! I did as much searching for a better deal than Miller tire but just couldn't find one. You do pay a few bucks for the shipping but I will tell you the bad boys were on the truck the day that I ordered and on their way.

    Good job Miller.

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    Default Re: 455 New Skins!!

    Chains on the Tru Power work well too just FYI. I've never had turfs on the rear of mine. I did teh original Dico Tru Power from new along with the plastic coated wheel weights. I'd be curious to see what your fronts look like, but will probably stick with my turfs. The original steers are getting a bit weathered and may need to be replaced soon.
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