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    Default polyurea grease ?

    does anyone know if the John Deere SD Polyurea grease is Polyurea Shear Stable or Polyurea Conventional?

    it appears that this is what JD used as factory fill, but i am thinking of using it in other applictaions as well which previously had Lithium.


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    Default Re: polyurea grease ?

    Well,JD makes both types of Polyurea grease,conventional and Lithium. Why not use both. I use the conventional on the tractor,and mower deck,and their moly grease on my loader.

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    Default Re: polyurea grease ?

    Wondered myself a while back, but I couldn't find anything that gave a definite answer. However, everything I read suggests that it is shear stable. The closest polyurea grease I found with similar specs was the Mobil Polyrex EP2, which specifically says is shear stable. In many deere manuals it says the preferred greases to use are the polyurea or Lithium HD. Would be surprised that they would suggest both greases if they weren't compatable.

    I use the deere polyurea on my 2210 & on my father's X320. Very good grease. I do have another grease gun filled with Mystik JT6 hi-temp (lithium complex) for the u-joints on my truck. Depending on the application, having 2 grease guns isn't a big deal. There is a lot of good greases out there, but the best advice I was given was no matter what you use, frequent greasing is more important than the type.

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