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    Default Re: Tow Behind Spreader Recommendation

    Did you transport the Co-op spreader full? That is what I was hoping to build.

    Unfortunately our local Farmer's Coop shut down a couple of years ago, although many of the assets may have been transferred to a local retailer.

    The spreaders my parents had rented in the past were sized so that one could back up to a trailer or pickup, and unload onto the spreader. They had an expanded steel mesh screen over the top of the bin, and a big spike on the top to tear the bags. Toss a bag onto the spike, then dump. Real easy to refill.

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    Default Re: Tow Behind Spreader Recommendation

    Fortunately for me the property owner had the seed and fertilizer mixed for 9 acres and had it sitting on the farm for me to hitch up to. Sure made it easy for me with almost no time and labor involved. The coop delivered it to the farm and will pick up when finished.

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    Default Re: Tow Behind Spreader Recommendation

    Quote Originally Posted by CliffordK View Post
    I've used the co-op rented tow behind spreaders in the past, and they were very nice. They'd hold a half dozen bags of fertilzer. 500lbs? I don't know if they ever show up used.

    3pt hitch spreaders are also good too.

    I recently snagged a used JD602 spreader for real cheap. A bit rusted. It is supposed to carry about 2 tons. So, my thoughts are that if it could be made to be road safe, I could purchase fertilizer in bulk which is supposed to save quite a bit, then go directly from the supplier to the field. It won't be ready this year. I still have to think whether I want two tons on a single axle in a wet field. Or, perhaps I'll just use the bin off of it.

    What are you pulling your intended spreader with?
    We resurrected this old Co-Op pto drive spreader built by King , I had never used one of these pto operated ones before but now that I have a little experience with this one I would recommend finding a used one.

    It also easily holds about 800 lbs. of lime, worked well to spread that. The pelletized fertilizer gets thrown to far, had to put the tractor in a high gear and idle it to shorten the distance it throws the pellets. And it worked really nice for spreading seed right down to two hand fulls left... Tow Behind Spreader Recommendation-fertilizer-012-jpg might find something similar for way less than some new plastic job. my

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    Default Re: Tow Behind Spreader Recommendation

    I've had the John Deere 175 lb spreader for about 6 years. After a couple of years the lever(plastic) that sets the drop door opening broke and I had to modify it. Then the cable that goes from the lever to the door jammed up. Had to modify that with a rod "jerrry rig". Then the plastic gear stripped because of too much weight on the mechanism that keeps the opening from jamming with whatever you're putting down. I'd like to find a steel (preferably stainless) gear to replace the stripped plastic one. Another modification!! I'm going to look for a 125-175 lb spreader that has the metal rod/lever adjustment and metal gears. Don't know if having the uninclosed gears is a good thing or not. Guess if you keep them clean, having the gears exposed will be ok.

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