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    Default Deere 455 - smell some coolant while operating

    I cant tell if it is using any coolant.
    I really never added any to the overflow bottle.

    I get a wiff of smell when I am mowing.

    Is there a weep port on the water pump?
    Anywhere else I should look.

    I do get a puff of white smoke when I start it up, never comes back.
    I checked the glow plugs, I have voltage to them.

    I replaced my dash gauge assembly, temp gauge is still not working.
    Going to try to check it today.

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    Default Re: Deere 455 - smell some coolant while operating

    If your water pump is dripping from the weep port, o-ring or gasket you may not see it since it seems to hit the lower pully. Look for white areas of dried coolant.

    My X748 had a leak in the lower radiator pan. Replaced radiator. Now the water pump is dripping. That will have to be replaces soon I guess.
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    Default Re: Deere 455 - smell some coolant while operating

    If your not loosing coolant then its just coolant bottle venting the odor as warm coolant goes in it as the engine heats up. I get the same thing on my 3320 tractor.

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    Default Re: Deere 455 - smell some coolant while operating

    If it were me, I would pressure check the Radiator. This would determine, if you have a leak, and where the leak is. Perhaps your local Advance Auto will loan you the pressure tester by making a returnable deposit?
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