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    Default Help with Deere Piranha 44M Deck Please

    I am swapping from a 42C to a 44M deck I picked up used recently for my LX tractor. It can be configured two ways:
    1) Discharge with DISCHARGE PANEL and 3 standard blades installed
    2) Mulch with BOTH DISCHARGE and MULCH PANELS and 6 mulch blades (2 blades per spindle) installed

    The panels are plastic 'baffles' with chutes for rear discharge. It appears the Mulch panel fits on top of the discharge panel and reduces (but doesn't quite eliminate) the sizes of the chutes. Mine came with only the discharge panel (installed).

    Q: Does anybody have any experience with these decks and their configurations? I'm primarly insterested in cutting weeds in sand and am interested in the lowest possible dust discharge. I'll be experimenting but thought I'd ask...

    Q: Does anybody have a Deere Part # for the Piranha 44M MULCH PANEL? (not to be confused w/ the similar appearing discharge panel)

    Q: If switching between the double stacked mulch blades & the standard discharge single blades - you are supposed to installed SPACERS on the spindle. These replace the thickness of the 2nd mulch blade not being installed. Will a couple fender washers work or is there is anything unique about these spacers? And if so again - part # for correct spacers?

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    Default Re: Help with Deere Piranha 44M Deck Please

    I did found these #s
    M120966 Deflector, Rear Discharge
    M120965 Panel, Mulch

    But no specifcs on spacer spacers - I would think fender washers would work fine.

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