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    Default How to remove Deck height Adjustment knob, X304

    First post, so sorry if I jump in with a technical question that I can't find the answer to anywhere.

    I purchased a 2008 X304 for dirt cheap that has been used commercially and had about 1600 hours on it. It is rough. K46 trans on last legs, erratic engine idle (no smoke). 42 inch mowing deck needs completely rebuilt and paint is chipped and rusting on fenderdeck and mowing deck and two of four tires won't hold air. Hood was split down the middle, too.

    I want to repaint the fenderdeck. I have all bolts out except the deck height adjustment knob, which is holding me back. How is it held onto the shaft? jdparts schematic shows a spring pin and there is a knob with a photo on eb*y right now. I've been under the beast and have just barely seen the pin. It looks hard to get to. I can probably get it out. Getting it back into a small hole is the problem! Any tips for those who have removed it? The technical manual just says 'remove knob'.

    4/1/2013 Update:

    Turns out knob just pulls off. However, the knob must have been removed and installed at wrong angle as when turned CCW all the way, the pointer stopped at 2.25 inches. It took two large screwdrivers under the know with a lot of pressure to pull off.

    Anyway, fenderdeck is off and there was a ton of crud (dried and decomposing to dirt grass) built up under the fenderdeck and in the frame. It needed removing to clean up the 2 inch think layer of crud out.

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