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    Default JD X540 slow responding hydraulic

    My brother vinny owns a JD X540 and says deck is responding slowly when raising and lowering
    Slower than what it had been
    Fluid level ok
    Time to drain fluid and change filter is first remedy i thought of
    Any other thoughts
    Wife thought air in line but that would chatter versus slow responding?

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    Default Re: JD X540 slow responding hydraulic

    I found that the rock shaft that is used to raise and lower the deck was tight. the deck actually needed pushed to go down, then due to the long slot in the bar from the hydraulic cylinder, it took a while to raise again. I found it when the deck was off and I noticed that I had to tug on the draft bars to lower those bars to remount the deck. Hope that helps. JW

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    It could be air in the lines. Those small lines dont have enough fluid to vibrate. I would check out the linkage to the raise lower lever maybe it is wore and not moving the control mechanism as far as it should.

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