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    Default Recommendation on lx 178

    Hi there

    I own a 1994 LX 178 and trying to decide what to with it. I bought it used 3 seasons ago for $1,000 dollars. Probably paid too much. Spent some money on new belts, plugs etc...The hood finally broke such that it is unusable. Looking at picking up a new hood and it looks like i will be $400+. Steep for sure...Trying to decide if I should invest anymore $$$ in the tractor or if I should just get rid of it and get something new(er). I have about 23,000 sq ft of bermuda in the Atlanta area. My backyard is the majority of that 23K sq ft. and has significant slope. I just started reel mowing the yard this season with a pro-mow flex 58 3 gang reel mower. I think it weighs around 200lbs.

    I know the lx 178 has a better transaxle (k61?) than most lawn tractors which is one of the reasons I picked it up with big hill in the back.

    The tractor seems to run ok, but I am not an expert by any means.

    Question is: What would be comparable new tractor? I think x300 has the k46. Is that sufficient for towing my pro-mow on significant incline. Or am I better off just spending money to maintain the lx178.

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    Default Re: Recommendation on lx 178

    Quote Originally Posted by rwrose View Post
    .. Or am I better off just spending money to maintain the lx178.
    I would fix it, if the deck and engine are in good condition.
    However I am bad to spend more on a mower then it would ever be worth.

    IF you can do the repairs yourself this is a big factor to consider because labor costs on old mowers get nasty.

    From all I read you have to go to the 310 or 320 and then you may not like these as well as the older series.
    You can do a lot of repairs for $4000, but some folks will not have a mower that leaks a tad of oil on the concrete etc....
    It just depends on your comfort level with an older machine, that will indeed need to be worked on.

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    Default Re: Recommendation on lx 178

    LX178 is an excellent machine. I would keep it as long as it runs well. $1000 isn't too much around here. Where are you located? I'll take it if you don't want it if you are anywhere near me.

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    Default Re: Recommendation on lx 178

    Hey, my 1995 LX178 is fantastic. Like you I bought mine four years ago for $800. I fixed a leaky valve cover gasket, and later a plugged carburetor - total parts about $20. If you can do repairs yourself run that LX178 as long as it will go. If you do the oil changes regularly it will go a long ways.

    Interestingly, my dad, who has a late model LT160, thinks my LX178 is a hot rod, is much sturdier, and that its engine is much smoother and quieter.

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