Hi all
I was trying to get my rear lights working on my x495 and had purchased a service manual some time ago .
unfortunatley when i was looking at the schematics ,some of it is right but there is a lot wrong as well . I am sure mine is an export model due to where i live but its hard to belive that they changed so much of the wiring
My rear lights have one twin filiment and one single each side but the schematics i have only show two single filiment each side.
I suppose ive two questions really , does anyone know what goes on between leaving the light switch and rear harness mine shows a direct link but that cant be right as i checked and , the light switch i have has a red + and a yellow and green wire but the schematic i have is different . if anyone knows also where i can get a schematic that shows the wire colours like i said above i would be very greatful . Its tough going without it !!