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    Default john deere 316

    Okay so I am trying to sell a JD 316 lawn tractor for a friend who has moved 4 hours away. He left the mower in my barn until he could come back for it, but now he doesn't need it any longer so I'm going to attempt to get rid of it for him. I have a few people interested in it, but they have some questions I can't answer. I'm hoping someone can give me some help.

    First of all I don't know what year it is, the number that I believe is the SN is M00316X292761. What does this tell me? I think it means it is an "84 with a 16 horse Onan engine, is this right?

    Also I have noticed it has a problem, it looses engine RPM's when you mow with it or try to go up a hill. It won't regain the RPM's until you disengage the blades or stop going up the hill. Any thoughts, I'm thinking it should be a simple fix as it ran good when he put it in the barn. It hasn't been run much in the past year, but the gas smells fine and I added new gas to the tank as it didn't have too much in it to begin with.

    Thanks in advance for the help, if it was my mower I may dig in and see what I could do, but since it isn't mine I am being a little more cautious. We're thinking about asking $850 for the mower, this sound about right, assuming the thing will run right?


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    Default Re: john deere 316

    I don't know that much about JDs, but these folks do:

    Weekend Freedom Machines

    They're a good group...

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    Default Re: john deere 316

    It does look like the year is about right.. and being a twin Onan, is very close to a JD 318 tractor.

    As far as losing power, have you verified that both cylinders are firing? If only one is, it may still run, but with no power. Could be simple like a spark plug, or maybe more in depth like a coil or compression problem.

    Let us know if you need any more info...
    good luck!

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    Default Re: john deere 316

    Re: your asking price. Prices vary around the country (seem to be cheapest in the midwest) but around here the last I paid attention the 316/318's seem to command a pretty good penny. A 316 with mower deck, in decent shape (not burning/using oil on that Onan), without too many hours (< 800) will bring over $2000 at a dealer, maybe $1500 from a private seller.

    I rarely see any 316s or 318s for under $1000 if they're running even half decently and aren't total basket cases.

    Check out evil-Bay and a few of the on-line tractor sites to see what prices look like these days.

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    Default Re: john deere 316

    This is indeed a 1984 Deere 316 originally equiped with an Onan B43E twin cylinder 16 HP motor. I have a 1986 and wouldn't part with it. As for an asking price, I think $850 is low. Typically I see them for over $1000 in rough but running condition (missing grill, missing side panels, oil smoke, trashed seat, etc.) As for the low power, first check that both plug wires are on tight at both ends. Second check that there is spark at both plugs and that both plugs are in good condition and properly gapped. Third is check compression at both cylinders with the engine running if you have or can borrow a compression gage. Then we can figure out where to go from there.

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