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    Default 260 Backhoe

    I'm a "noobie" here on the site but I've been "lurking" for some time. I have a 2305 and recently put on the above backhoe to include the "subframe".
    I did it in the record time of 8+ hours but at least it fits and works.
    Unfortunately I am in the dark about what I have to remove from the 3 pt. hitch so I can put the hoe on quickly and I don't what to have to take off more then necessary.
    Could anyone bring me up to speed?

    Thanks, Mike

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    Default Re: 260 Backhoe

    this is a year plus late but...

    on my 2210 w/ 260

    remove the mmm

    raise the 3pt to it's highest position and set he mmm deck height dial to "lock"

    remove the lower 3pt arms and install 2 spacers; supplied with my tractor; on the shaft in the same location from which the arms were removed - no need to remove the tires as the shaft slides side to side

    remove the top link if installed

    no need to remove the assembly that uses the 3pt to raise and lower the mmm that runs along the left side of the frame as in the locked position the 206 frame will just fit

    total time 15min


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