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    Default Hydraulic Problems with 3520

    Hi All -

    I have a friend who just bought a 3520 and is having problems. Can anyone help?

    Hydraulics chatter when he lifts the loader the first time he raises it. Then, when he travels, stops, and lifts it again - it chatters again. It acts like it creates air in the hydraulic system when you travel and then when you lift, it chatters. It doesn't do it all the time, but it always does it when traveling and lifting at the same time.

    Machine has 25 hours on it. When he first tried out the machine, there was no cavitation of the hydraulics. Had the machine for a day and it didn't do this. But then it started.

    When he went back to the dealer to have them put a rear remote on it, when they delivered it back to the house, the problem began. It has since been back to the dealer to be fixed and they couldn't find anything wrong. Supposedly, all 2007 models have this problem. Do they?

    Has anyone had a similar problem - and does anyone have a fix?



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    Default Re: Hydraulic Problems with 3520

    I think we are talking about the same guy.

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    Default Re: Hydraulic Problems with 3520

    See that last few post on this thread:

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    Default Re: Hydraulic Problems with 3520

    Deere is aware that some do this, but apparently there is no fix at this time. To be honest, it varies, but if you use the hydro hard to push into a pile and lift it is definitely there to some extent. Some times when you first lift after stopping it gets nasty.

    Also, most of the time I can park with my Harley rake at full lift and it will stay there indefinitely, other times it will settle to the ground.

    I think my simple solution will be to trade it in...
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    Default Re: Hydraulic Problems with 3520

    Quote Originally Posted by LS248
    When he went back to the dealer to have them put a rear remote on it, when they delivered it back to the house, the problem began.
    Given that, I would say that either an o-ring isn't seated correctly or one of the fittings for the new remote isn't tight. Have him check the bolts on the remote as well as all of the hydraulic fittings that were disturbed or added when it was in the shop. It is getting a small amount of air from somewhere. It can be getting air in without fluid leaking out.

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