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    Default Need some help with new to me JD316 Onan

    Just brought home, and having some issues. Reasonable hours, ~600, needs some misc bits, and the engine surges in RPM a bit. I figure this is either plugs/basic tuneup, or needs the carb cleaned. Other thoughts welcome.

    The bigger issue - brought it home, ran it for a bit, then started mowing with it. Went fine for 20 minutes or so, then stalled on a very small incline. Ok, try to start it back up - deck is still down, won't raise without running, foot on brake, flip PTO switch off, hydro in neutral, turn key - battery light doesn't even come on. Tightened the battery cables, as one _was_ loose, still no good.

    Fuel: check
    Oil: check
    Battery that started the tractor 20 minutes ago with no problems: check

    Any ideas? It's now effectively 'stuck' in my front yard, and would really at least like to get it into the garage, or running in..

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    Default Re: Need some help with new to me JD316 Onan

    Check ground wire where it attaches to frame and pos where it attaches to starter. If thats good, then try to jump start it. If that doesnt work check fuses, remember a fuse can look good but still be blown.

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    Default Re: Need some help with new to me JD316 Onan

    Best possible place to go for info on that tractor is here:
    Topics - WFM

    I got tons of info there when I had a few 300 series Deeres.

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