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    Default 2520 Hydro oil change - is this "stuff" normal

    Hi folks,
    I finally got to change the hydro oil in my 2520. It really should have been done at 50 hrs as per the manual but it has 95 hrs on it now. Shame on me, but you can't do it with the BH on. I had the BH off again this week and finally made time to do it.

    Now for the questions. The magnetic suction screen filter had a LOT of fine metal bits in it. Way more than I expected to see, but is this just normal business as usual with all those non-syncro'd straight cut gears in the transaxle? In other words, the magnets are in there for a really good reason? The transmission and hydraulics seem to work fine both before and after the fluid change, but I just didn't expect to see that much metal coming out of there. Took me quite a while to get it all cleaned up.

    Next issue is the darned owners manual again. I looked over the section on transmission service before buying stuff and doing the change and was scratching my head cause the pictures and descriptions in there look nothing like my 2520. So I took the manual to my dealer and he had a newer revision one that actually had the correct procedure so he copied those pages for me. Now keep in mind, mine is also the manual that says to put in 3 qts of engine oil when it really needs 4 qts after changing. The dealer is going to "try" to get a new (correct) manual for me under warranty. Come on JD, please get your act together.

    Anyway, any similar experience with the crappy 2520 manual and some metal in the hydro suction screen?

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    Default Re: 2520 Hydro oil change - is this "stuff" normal

    The metal on the screen and magnet is perfectly normal for the first fluid change. it's just everything getting seating in. The next oil change there will be hardly anything in there!


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    Default Re: 2520 Hydro oil change - is this "stuff" normal

    This is what I found when I changed the transmission oil last summer in my 2320 John Deere.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2520 Hydro oil change - is this "stuff" normal-john-deere-2320-oil-change   2520 Hydro oil change - is this "stuff" normal-john-deere-2320-oil-change  

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    Default Re: 2520 Hydro oil change - is this "stuff" normal

    I think most of the metal you find on the first oil change is stuff that didn't get flushed out when they assembled the machine. I wouldn't expect to see anything bigger than dust in there from now on. That's what i experienced with my old 4100. If you keep on finding noticeable, large metal chips in your tranny I'm afraid that would be bad news.
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    Default Re: 2520 Hydro oil change - is this "stuff" normal

    As far as the manual goes, I rarely crack the printed manual. If you've got Internet access you can check the latest manual online and print out what you need. If you don't have Internet access I'd be concerned that you're posting on a forum Unfortunately market pressures force all manufacturers to rush products to the dealers as soon as their done and it's hard to get the manuals right. They have to be delivered at the same time as the product, but you need the finished product to write the manual. Usually they get done based on prototypes or earlier models and there often isn't time to update all the pictures once things are finished.


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