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    Default 2520 pto just quit

    I was just doing some mowing with my three point mower and it just quit.
    When I put the pto in gear nothing happens.
    The pto indicator light goes on.
    The pto shaft does not turn (front or rear).
    When the pto switch is on I can move the pto front rear selection lever back and forth with no grinding.
    When the pto switch is engaged the engine shuts down when I lift my butt off the seat.
    I never hit anything it just stopped.
    Couldit be a fuse? If so where would it be?
    Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Default Re: 2520 pto just quit

    I have a 1435 commercial front mower and a similar problem occurred at about 200 hours. As it turned out it was a faulty snap ring inside the PTO. It was replaced under warranty.
    Good luck.

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    Default Re: 2520 pto just quit

    Any ideas? Thanks.
    Your unit should still be under warranty correct? I would contact your dealer.

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    Default Re: 2520 pto just quit

    Does the PTO spin with other implements? Or without anything attached? If the rear PTO spins without anything attached or with another implement you may have something wrong with the mower (shear pin broken or slip clutch issues, perhaps?). Also, if you can turn the PTO manually when the rear PTO is in gear (but the tractor is OFF of course) that's another bad sign, normally you can spin the rear PTO when the mid is engaged but not if the rear is.

    Normal behavior is that the tractor will stall if you leave the seat and the tractor is not in neutral or has the mid PTO engaged, you should be able to put it in neutral and have the rear PTO engaged and get off the tractor (otherwise my chipper would be VERY hard to use ).

    As KennyD said, if it's under warranty I'd probably let the dealer sort things out. I'm not sure that there'd be something simple like a fuse since largely it's hydraulically and gear driven, but you never know. I'd probably guess a clogged filter as a simple fix, but I don't know where the appropriate one would be.


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    Default Re: 2520 pto just quit

    Somewhere in there is an electric solenoid that activates the hydraulic clutch (I think). Wonder if it could be something simple like a loose wire on that solenoid, or somewhere between the switch and solenoid? Maybe if it's a wire that hangs down underneath, it could have gotten caught on something. On the other hand, I'm not sure if the light would come on without the circuit being completed. Might be worth getting under there and seeing if anything is hanging loose, maybe a quick look behind the dash, if that's possible.

    Also, I agree with JD on trying to turn the PTO shaft with the rear PTO engaged (engine off). Mine won't turn when the selector is either in the mid or both settings. Actually, seems like one time I tried it in the both setting and it turned and the next time, I had to have it in the mid setting for it to turn freely. That one has me baffled.
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