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    Default Re: Help with bucket hooks on Deere HD Bucket

    Quote Originally Posted by nmu98 View Post
    Anyone know the size of the 3/8's hook, or have pics of what they did with what size hook.

    I like the 3/8s since I can use it with the chain I have, or put a strap in it.
    Here is a pic of the AW grade 80 grab hooks on both a John Deere HD bucket (84" bucket) and on a kubota bucket. They are all 3/8" hooks and are welded on in line with the lift arms. Be sure to not weld the hooks on the outside corners of the bucket; as opposed to in line with the lift arms. If you have any lifting power and pull or lift hard on something you will wreck your loader if the hooks are on the outside edge. That puts a tremendous strain on the bucket and especially the loader. If it's the HD skid steer bucket from JD like pictured, you won't need to weld a base platform on the bucket to distribute the load. I've welded dozens on and have also relocated several on tractors that had them on the outside edges after the owners twisted their loaders. Although I seriously doubt any CUT or even utility sized tractor could pull the hooks off when welded on with a 6013 electrode, I used 7018 electrodes for welding on the schedule 80 hooks.
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    Default Re: Help with bucket hooks on Deere HD Bucket

    I wanted to avoid (or minimize) the problem of "centering" the load over the loader cylinders when lifting with the FEL bucket. I've found that's it's pretty difficult to attach the chain onto both hooks evenly so the weight is distributed onto both loader arms more or less uniformly. So, I welded only 1 hook (3/8ths) in the center of the HD bucket on my JD 110.

    I also didn't want to run the risk of bending or twisting the hook on the top plate of the bucket so, I welded the hook onto a base of 3/8" flat plate. The bucket on the 110 is nearly a tube (double wall) type construction on the top lip and I was concerned that it might be easier to wreck the outer wall without having a plate to better distribute the forces.

    (Man, what a pain that camera software is... takes these huge pics and then I had to figure out how to get 'em to only 1 mg for posting!)

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    Default Re: Help with bucket hooks on Deere HD Bucket

    My hooks just came in yesterday. I ordered 3. I figure there will be some times that I might want to lift up a quad or something not so heavy and want the 2 on the outside. Or even to hang 2 deer

    I need to get the metal for under the hooks, and gett hem on. i will take pics.

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