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    Default 3320-300cx loader uneven


    I just recently purchased a 2007 3320 with 85 hrs on it. I've only used mainly for mowing so far, but have moved a little bit of dirt around with the front end loader. The hour meter is currently at 100 hrs. My question has to do with the 300cx loader. It appears to be sitting off center from the tractor. I haven't measured it yet, but can tell you that the center nut on the hydraulic line cover behind the bucket appears to be about 4" off center. This maynot appear to be much, but the bucket also looks unlevel with the ground. It appears that the entire loader needs to be pushed over to one side. I've disengaged the loader and tried to get it straight to no avail. I've verified that the mounts are on the correct side. There is an uneven gap between the weight bar and the loader bracket as well. This supports my conclusion on the loader being off centered to one side since the bracket is flush on one side, but overhangs by 1/4-1/2" on the other side. I've also noticed that the left (as viewed from the seat) loader mast is not vertical but pushed out away from the tractor.

    My questions are: is this a normal thing or should the loader be centered on the tractor? Does anyone have any suggestions? I can take some pictures if my description is not clear.

    On a side note, I torqued all loader bolts per the maintenance schedule and found many pivot pins in need of tightening. I'm sure glad I checked them. I also adjusted the auto park? set screw to be just snug enough so that I could still rotate the latches down. This seemed to help "tighten" up the loader. How often must someone check and readjust these things?

    TIA for any insight.

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    Default Re: 3320-300cx loader uneven

    I need to have them look at my loader too, when I have them service my tractor next week. Mine appears to be about 3 inches off center, just as you described. And my right loader mast has some movement to it to when I raise the loader. It does look like it bows out just a bit. It's annoying.... I don't like when things don't look straight to me. I didn't know where to start... I was almost wondering if my frame of the tractor was twisted to the right just a bit.. but it doesn't appear so... if you find anything out let me know, and I'll do the same for you.

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    Default Re: 3320-300cx loader uneven

    Guy's it's due to one side of the quik park bolts not being equally tite. If you notice there are springs on the under side of the loader mast. That's how the off center is able to happen. So on a level surface lower the loader till the front wheels are off the ground slightly. Then loosen the set bolts on the quik park latches till they're screwed all the way in. After that count turns till they're even. In other word till the apply equal pressure to both masts. When your done be sure to snug up the set screw the hold the set bolts where they are.

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    Default Re: 3320-300cx loader uneven

    I did adjust my quick park bolts, but I didn't do it on even ground. I also didn't screw them both in and count the number of turns out. I just loosened the set screw and backed out the bolts until there was just enough room so that the latches would rotate down. I will give this a try. If my thinking is correct, I would get to a point where one side would start to push against the loader mast, while the other side still had a gap. Should I keep backing out the bolt and this will eventually realign the loader? I'm just trying to visualize what will happen if I try and back out the bolts equal amount of turns.

    Am I the only one who has the weight bracket and loader not fully flush or not even along it's length? Also, what about the lefthand side loader mast being pushed out away from the tractor? The one on the right side appears to be more or less perpendicular to the ground, which I assume is as designed or intended. I realize that it will probably never be a "perfect fit", but I would like for it to at least look more or less symetric to the eye. A friend of mine said something to me when I asked him to look at it. He says, and I attend to agree to some level, that there had to be some compromises in rigidity and fitness to allow the loader to come on and off as easy as it does. I mainly want to make sure that I don't need to take it to the dealer before the warranty expires to get this looked at. Or at least have a feeling for what I should expect if they tell me that this is normal or just the way that they are.

    Thanks for the replies

    I haven't figured out how to run spell check on these post, so forgive any misspellings.

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