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    Default Cab on JD 790

    I'm considering putting a cab on my 790. All I've found is a Sims, soft side cab which looks pretty good. Curtis and Jodale don't seem to have one any more. My dealer has already told me that the JD cabs are a lot nicer and I completely agree but I do mostly ground engaging work (grading and snow plowing) and the 790 is great for that, is fairly stable on hills, turns very tight and costs a lot less than a 3x20 cab. I wouldn't ever need AC where I live just a dry place and maybe some heat when plowing snow. Has anyone ever put a cab on a 790 and if so how do they like it?

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    Default Re: Cab on JD 790

    I have a homemade cab on my 770 that the previous owner put on. For homemade, its not bad. I took all of the plexiglass windows out and much of the cloth sealing the gaps so that its more of a open station canopy instead. Had heat too.

    But with all of that steel (I assume maybe 200 lbs) up high on a small tractor, its very tippy on the hills. My uncle flopped it on its side a month ago. Its important to note that I have turf tires on it and they are not loaded. next year I think I'll be upgrading to loaded R4s with wheel spacers.

    So a cab is nice, but if it adds a lot of weight up high, will drastically change the handling of the tractor.
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