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    Default FEL questions for 790 with model 70 loader

    Just got a 2001 790 a couple months ago with a model 70 loader on it. This is my first tractor with a FEL so bare with me. I did get the manual with the tractor but there's little in there with regards to using the loader. I haven't tried to remove it yet but wanted to get the "scoop" (no pun intended) on the correct way to do it. I think these would be the basic steps but please tell me if I'm wrong:

    1) Find a level spot and park the bucket flat on the ground.
    2) Shut off engine. Bleed all four lines by moving joystick to each position.
    3) Disconnect all four hydraulic lines. Pull both latches to release the mounts.
    4) Crank up engine and slowly back out from underneath bucket/loader in reverse.
    5) Install protective plastic caps over the ends of the lines.

    Is that basically how it's done?

    Also, have a couple more questions with regards to using it:
    Is it ok to "rock" the bucket back and forth by moving the joystick as quick as you can when dumping to get rid of material (ie wet dirt/snow) that tends to cling to the bucket? That's not going to damage anything in the hydraulics is it???

    What about the float position? The manual says to move the "joystick forward past the valve detent to attain float position". Do any of you ever use that? I guess that lets the loader arms themselves float, and not the bucket (with respect to the arms) float? In other words, the bucket will float but remain in a fixed position relative to the loader arms, right?

    Just curious, but is it possible to add a 4 in 1 bucket onto this loader? I don't ever recall seeing a picture of a 70 loader with one on it, so I am thinking it's not a JD option? I think you would have to add another hydraulic line/circuit to operate the 4 way bucket. Is it possible to add another hydraulic circuit to this tractor?? If yes, would it involve replacing the 4 way joystick with another stick?? I really don't have the desire to do this, but I'm just curious how it's done since I have seen this option on other JD tractors.

    Can the bucket be removed like if I ever wanted to put pallet forks on it? Or is that not an option either??

    Also, I have seen some 790's w/loaders that have a brushguard that goes on top of where the loader mounts on the front of the tractor. It sticks up over the top of the hood about a foot or so. I think I would like to add one to mine, how much does JD want for that brushguard?? I'm sure they are very proud of them though.

    I will have more questions later on, but this is enough for now.
    Thanks for your responses....
    Nothing could be finer than riding my JD790 in South Carolina!!

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    Default Re: FEL questions for 790 with model 70 loader

    You're on the right track, but not quite there kebo. Try it this way:

    1) Pull onto your smooth, level, flat spot.

    2) Lower bucket to raise front wheels a bit (just to make sure loader is fully unloaded from latches.

    3) Release latches. I sometimes have to use some "persuasion" on one of mine.

    4) Raise loader. Instead of the loader raising though, the frame will lower. Keep going. The front support will rest on the ground then the rear masts will start to raise out of their mounts. Keep going until the rear masts are high enough to clear the front wheels.

    5) Now you shut off the engine and work the lever to neutralize the hydraulics.

    6) Disconnect hoses, clean and cap each end (4 male, 4 female).

    7) Restart tractor and back out.

    8) I usually lock out my loader valve so I don't accidentally hit it. There is a small lever at the base of the valve lever.

    9) Reverse to install.

    I rock the bucket as you describe all the time. Just did it this morning while plowing snow. I can't tell you if that's good for it or not, only that I do it.

    Float is as you describe. It only floats the arm position, not the bucket. It's handy and you can tweak the bucket position as you go for more/less bite.

    I'm sure you can get a 4 in 1 bucket but the 70 doesn't have a lot of capacity to begin with. 4 in 1 will be that much heavier, reducing the overall capacity even more.

    You should be able to remove the bucket by pulling the four pins. Not as handy as a quick-tach, but it's possible.

    I have the grille guard you mentioned, it's nothing to write home about. I'm sure you could fab something better and shoot it with some of that priceless green paint!

    Enjoy your 790, it's a great machine!
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    Default Re: FEL questions for 790 with model 70 loader

    This outfit sells bucket attachments. ATI Corporation - Home
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