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    Default 46BH relief valve setting

    Hello all,
    I have a relatively new 2520 with the 46BH and it seems that every time I use the backhoe, I'm constantly setting off the relief valve when digging through rocky soil or trying to bust the roots of small (under 6" dia.) trees when doing stump removals. Is there a way to check the relief valve setting for the backhoe controls? Is there only relief valve for the entire backhoe or does each valve block contain it's own valve? The reason I think the relief valve(s) may not be set properly is because my 2520 would struggle a little if I tried to do what the 2320/46BH set-up does in this video:

    YouTube - Removing Stump with JD Tractor - Part 2

    Also, if you watch that video, you'll see that the operator is able to lower the boom and extend the stick at the same time, while pushing over the stump. Now I know that working 2 functions at once takes practice, but mine doesn't seem to want to perform in this manner no matter how much I practice. Is it me or is my machine not providing the sufficient hydraulic flow?

    Any help or info would be great


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    Default Re: 46BH relief valve setting

    First, he's not doing two movements at one time it only looks like he is. Secondly I'd say you have a pressure problem, talk to your dealer.

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