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    Default Hydraulics on a John Deere 5055e

    My father-in-law has a new John Deere 5055e. I plan to buy him a log splitter for Christmas. The one I found mounts on the 3-point and uses the tractor hydraulics. I've driven the tractor but I'm not up to speed on hydraulic terminology. It has two accessory hydraulic ports on the rear of this tractor (red cover and blue cover). Not sure if the colors represent direction of hydraulic flow. Then there is a lever on the tractor to use if you have something plugged into these ports.

    The log splitter online manual states to tie the lever back on the tractor so the fluid will flow. The log splitter itself comes with it's own open center valve. It also comes with a closed spool kit if you need to covert it. The splitter will need 6 to 25 gpm of oil at 1500 to 2500 rpm.

    Link to splitter:
    SpeeCo Inc. - Log Splitter, Tractor Parts, OEM and Farm Accessory Contact information

    Any idea which is input and output on the rear of this tractor?
    I assume the open center valve on the splitter will work correctly with this tractor as described?
    I also assume this tractor can provide adequate amount of gpm flow of hydraulics for this splitter?
    Anything else I should be aware before making the purchase?


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    Default Re: Hydraulics on a John Deere 5055e

    Would have to test to see which way to hook hoses, someone else may help with this.

    The maximum flow to implements is just over 11 gpm, so it will work but not a speed demon.

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    Default Re: Hydraulics on a John Deere 5055e

    The direction of flow depends on the direction you move the lever. On older models, typically pulling lever back makes left coupler flow oil, pushing lever forward makes right coupler flow oil. Some newer models have upper and lower couplers. Not sure what you have.

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