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    Default Engine block/coolant heater

    I have a 5020 John Deere, year 1967 and need some way to heat it to make it easier to start. Don't like using starting fluid, but I do.

    I find there's several types of heaters. Which is the best?

    Tank type

    Block type

    Lower radiator hose type

    Seems the tank type is most popular and all my John Deere dealer offers. $140.00. Pretty high price compared to what I've seen on the internet.

    Appreciate your response.


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    Default Re: Engine block/coolant heater

    I prefer a block heater that threads into a frost plug, but if an inline coolant heater is easier, they've work well for me and are fairly cheap.

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    Default Re: Engine block/coolant heater

    Welcome to TBN!

    That's a BIG tractor! With a BLOCK to prove it...

    I've used both tank heater's and block heater's and I've never seen a 1,200 watt block heater!?!?

    But I've got a 1200watt tank heater sitting on my shop shelf at the moment.

    They're cumbersome and you need to know which direction the coolant flows but they'll heat that big 5020 alot quicker than a block-insert heater - IMO.

    Newer, cars, trucks and tractors are designed to be sleek, with closed up internals. Open the hood and there ain't much wiggle room to do anything with...

    You could set up a picnic table with chairs on your 5020! (Just build a shelf off to the side.)

    Your dealer is high - if you want to save $50 - go to Wally's or Schuck's.

    "Most people want to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it."

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