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    Default hood guard/delux hood guard on 300cx fel

    hi guys, when you order a 300cx loader the standard hood guard is included in the price. the delux hood guard is a $246 upgrade. in the configurator jd shows a delux hood guard attachment [bw15222] to upgrade a strandard to a delux. i can't make up my mind if i want the standard or the delux at this time. if i just let it come in with the standard can i later just buy the attachment and just bolt it on to the standard to make it a delux? or should i change the order to the delux because it is different from the standard with the attachment? after much thought i am leaning toward the delux, probably looks a little neater. if it ends up the exact same thing with the added attachment i will just take it with the standard and add the attachment later. please give me some info if you are knowegable on this subject. boy, the problems us guys don"t have with our toys. many thanks in advance, bud

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    Default Re: hood guard/delux hood guard on 300cx fel

    My used 4720 came with a deluxe guard and I have done so much with the front end pushing brush and lifting logs and stuff like that, so the deluxe is protection that is well worth it---small price for value to keep your JD lasting through the years
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    Default Re: hood guard/delux hood guard on 300cx fel

    I have the standard guard. My understanding is the deluxe guard is more screens bolted to the standard guard to fill in the spaces between the bars.

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    Default Re: hood guard/delux hood guard on 300cx fel

    I bought into the "deluxe hood gaurd" from JD last year with a new 3720. There are three parts to the kit. Two side assemblies that are built very nice with tubular frames and bolt to the existing hood gaurd. And a center section that is kind a cheap, and also bolts on in front of the stock hood gaurd. Turns out, the center section is built of really light gauge flat metal and light gauge flat mesh, not true expanded metal. And the lower front area was left open and unprotected. I was getting damage to the fine screen in front of the radiator and battery, so here's what I did to it eventually:

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    Default Re: hood guard/delux hood guard on 300cx fel

    Those are more of just grill guards, isn't there a guard option that goes up over the front half of the hood.I thought they had something like that for use in the rental fleet market.

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    Default Re: hood guard/delux hood guard on 300cx fel

    I believe you're referring to an after market item called Extra Armour. I have it on my 4310. It protects hood,lights,undercarriage and front grill.

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    Default Re: hood guard/delux hood guard on 300cx fel

    To answer your question... Yes you can just buy the deluxe upgrade and it will be the same as ordering the deluxe with the loader. I would buy it, its nice knowing you have the extra side protection, plus it looks cool!! Enjoy!

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