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    Default John Deere 2.8GPM 3000psi pressure washer problems!

    I am aware this is a tractor forum,but many other places ive looked dont seem as detailed or as helpful as this one is.

    So anyways,the pressure washer listed in the title and I pressure wash all cutting boards,mats,trash cans,all stove hardware etc every sunday after the kitchen closes.Havent ever had a hint of a problem with it,until we started to get some cold weather.

    At first it would surge pressure out of the wand.Every 5 or so seconds it would have such little pressure it would barely piss out of the wand.I thought about not having enough water pressure coming from the hose to the pressure washer,not the case.

    The motor runs fine,Im pretty sure the wand is fine.I have plenty of water pressure going TO it from the hose.It however doesnt see to get water through the pump itself,as the hose to the wand doesnt have any water pressure in it.I cant squeeze it and feel that it has no water in it.No water will spray out at all.

    Oil is fine,seals are fine.Any ideas as to why I could have lost my water pressure?

    As well as ideas on how to go about fixing it?

    Anything is greatly appreciated.

    Located in Brooksville,Fl if theres any techs out there.


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    Default Re: John Deere 2.8GPM 3000psi pressure washer problems!

    Sounds to me as if you are not getting enough supply water. Many pressure washers have a screen in the water line where the low pressure water supply hose connects to the washer. Look and see if it is dirty or perhaps sucked into the pump.

    And you do not need much pressure coming to the pump, you need volume.
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    Default Re: John Deere 2.8GPM 3000psi pressure washer problems!

    You mentioned it worked fine till the cold weather came...How cold did it get? If the pump had water in it and it froze you may need a new pump...

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    Default Re: John Deere 2.8GPM 3000psi pressure washer problems!

    I bought this pressure washer 2 years ago. After 1 year, didnt start anymore. John Deere repaired it. After 2 years it worked perfectly for the 10th time. 2 days later I start it and the pressure was less than faucet pressure.
    I brought it to JD. Their 1st phone call informed me that it would cost 383 $ to repair the pump. A week later they called me that it would make no sense to repair the pump, it would be more expensive than installing a new one. The costs now would be 453 $. Still cheaper than buying a new one for 700$.
    When I picked it up, the bill said 701$!!! That's outrageous. If they had told me that price, I would never have it repaired.
    They also told me that they constantly get in the same type, always with the same problem. Some are even not a year old.

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    Default Re: John Deere 2.8GPM 3000psi pressure washer problems!

    You can buy a very nice new pressure washer for $700.00.

    Don't they by law have to stick to their original price without your consent?

    We have a place here that sells refurbished ones with Honda Engines for $200.00, the're 2.8 gal at 2800 Lbs of pressure.

    If they go bad just buy a new one, remove the engine and sell it on Cregslist, and move on.
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