I purchased a 99' 4600 460fel with 400hrs. just after the first of the year. I have used it for moving snow and firewood, and half the time the loader has been off. Tractor has 440hrs. now
When I went to pick up the front tires of the ground to release the loader latch I noticed fluid coming out of the bottom of the axle knuckle( not the bottom of the hub) on the left side. When i went out there the next day I pick up the front end again, this time no fluid came out,but with the tire off the ground i can wiggle the tire and hub from the axle. side to side and up and down.
When I signed the purchase argreement I asked if they could fix a small coolant leak, they said sure. Salesman called a week later said that the leak was fixed, and we also fixed a leak in your front axle. I said" what was leaking and what did you end up fixing on to stop the leak" saleman said i dont know. I looked at the situation as they went above and beyond for me.
Four days after I brought the tractor home, I notice small drips of fluid coming from the bottom of the hub, got the flash light out and it was wet on the bottom of the axle knuckle, and the crankcase had 2.5 qts. over filled. Called the service dept. that morning to find out what they did to the axle, Service said" they replaced the seal between the hub and the axle knuckle. (# 22 on jd parts)
Think that the spindle rod nut has backed off? Or do you guys think that there is something costly wrong in there?
Chuck D.