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Yep. Very common. Mine died at 4 years and 200 hours as follows.

I finished mowing, parked the tractor in the garage for lunch, tried to start it an hour later and just got a click after the glow plug relay clicked. Lights worked fine. Jumped it and it worked fine. Turned it off and it just clicked once.

My JD Dealer sold me a Deka battery for $110. My son has worked in auto parts stores for 20 years and said they are a very reliable and lasting battery. Many farmers buy them for their tractors and swear by them.
That is my exact experience.. mowed, parked in garage wouldnt start..

The dealer wanted $80 or $90 for another OEM battery (3 yr warranty).. BUT I went to Advance Auto and got one of their Duragold batteries (same size but had to design hold down brackets) for $110 that had a 3 yrs replacement/84 mth warranty