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    Default 4110 water pump rebuild--possible?

    Well, my water pump has started to seep fluid from the weep holes; bad seal. Can see the pump is designed with what appears to be a removable backing plate. Has anyone every rebuilt one of these? If so, where did you find the replacement seal?

    Also, maintence manual shows an O-ring in addition to a backing plate gasket. Anyone that had their's apart know if there is still one in there? Dealer thought not. Thks

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    Default Re: 4110 water pump rebuild--possible?

    I'm not familiar with your pump but there may be more than the seal needs replacing?

    Bearings?? Shaft??
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    Default Re: 4110 water pump rebuild--possible?

    IMO, if you can not replace the impeller as well then is probably not worth rebuilding. You can try to match up parts with a Yanmar dealer but they will probably not be able to look up parts based on s/n as it will not show any info in their system due to an mfg agreement with Deere (typically). $250 for a pump IS steep I think but not too bad. Good Luck

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