Hi fellas, I have a dilemma and am hoping someone can help me. I have a JD-1070 tractor and want to use a Kinghitter 3pt post driver (series one). John Deere originally sold a Power Beyond Kit or Rear Auxiliary Link Kit (no longer available). Does anyone have the link kit they want to sell?

I'm told from the dealer selling the post driver that the unit only needs one hose for hydraulics. There is a hydraulic holding tank on the driver.

I do have three levers on my fender two are used for my loader. the third lever is not used and is plumbed with quick disconnects at the rear of my tractor. I'm told I can use this line set and simply use a bungy cord to hold the lever back. Will this work? It seems like it would but I've never done it. And, it seems like a cheesy fix for a long term process. But If I can't buy the Rear Link Kit, what else can I do.

Thanks for any advise, John.