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    Default Control lever

    Does anyone else have the same problem I have with the FEL control lever being too close to my right leg when rolling the bucket back? I have been tempted to get my torch and make some re-bending to make it more comfortable.

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    Default Re: Control lever

    I've never noticed that on my 4300. It is positioned about as perfect as I could imagine.
    What tractor model do you have?

    But re-bending should work too.

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    Default Re: Control lever

    Once in awhile it was a hindrence - on my JD 970. Especially when it was colder and I had my insulated coveralls on.

    Just have to be careful not to take the temper out of the control lever with too much heat..

    would be more than a hindrence if the darn thing bent everytime you put some pressure on it (like going into "float" mode).

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