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    Default Loss of power steering on a 4520

    I have a made a post in the past about losing my power steering from anywhere for a few seconds to 15 minutes. They found the hydraulic lines attaching to the steering ram were lose. Well, it worked for awhile and then the same problem. Now it seems that ever week they are becoming lose and my dealer states that they should be checked ever time I get on the tractor. I find this hard to believe and wonder if anybody else is having this problem and if you are how are you dealing with it or did to you find a good long lasting fix. I should also add that when lose they do not leak any hyd oil, just suck in air.

    My dealer is Bader Equip in Michigan and the tractor still has some warranty left on it and only 300 hours total time.


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    Default Re: Loss of power steering on a 4520

    I think your dealer needs to come up with a more long lasting solution. Should be easy enough to fix and he should make it so.

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    Default Re: Loss of power steering on a 4520

    Have to check the power steering hyd connections EVERY time you use the tractor...??!?? Sounds like pretty goofy advice!!

    My old JD 970 was a 1994 model and the power steering ram/hoses did not leak - ever. Sold it in 2008 with around 650 hrs.

    Still good to go after 14 years.

    Your dealer should "rethink" his "solution".

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Loss of power steering on a 4520

    Document this problem right now with John Deere corporate and a CC to your dealer before your waranty runs out...That is not normal..You should not have to check your power steering everytime you use your tractor...My sensors are up...Your dealer is trying to stall you until your warranty runs out...send the letters certified mail...You need a paper trail...

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    Default Re: Loss of power steering on a 4520

    One thing I can think of. Twists in the hose. This puts a bias to cause the hose to unscrew. Real unlikely after the first time but... Try to make certaqin the hose isn't pushing couner-clockwise after the next tightening.

    I have had my 4520 for 6 yuears now. No such issue.
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    Default Re: Loss of power steering on a 4520

    I have had the same problem on my 3520. Usually lasts for just a few seconds. Will check the lines tonight. Thanks for posting the issue, thought I was just getting weak armed at times

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    Default Re: Loss of power steering on a 4520

    Dealer should fix it for good and I bet JD would not like the dealer's solution for you to look at and tighten when loose. I had a problem with my 3720 and the dealer installed an elbow/kit (from JD) which fixed it. My 4320 has been fine.

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