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    Default Does my tractor really only have 830 hours??

    I recently bought an '82 950 w/ mfwd, ps, and a loader. The hour meter works and reads 830'ish hours. The guy I bought it from said the hours are accurate and that he owned the tractor for 18 years. however, he told me that he had the clutch replaced AND the local deere dealer told me the clutch is on it's last setting. It just doesn't seem to add up to me. Clutches should last longer right?

    I guess he could have been lying about replacing the clutch? I don't know. Anything I should be looking at to get an idea of what the deal is w/ this tractor?

    Being a novice, I would have been better off buying from a dealer but I just could not find a machine I liked (and could afford) at any local dealers and I looked for almost a year. But it is what it is and I LOVE the tractor. Just wondering about that clutch. Any thoughts?

    Oh, how much do you think a new clutch would cost? I know they are not cheap.

    Thanks a ton!

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    Default Re: Does my tractor really only have 830 hours??

    Take the serial number to your dealer and have them run it, they can tell you any service or warranty work that was performed at any dealer.

    Something does not sound correct here...

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    Default Re: Does my tractor really only have 830 hours??

    The only thing I can offer is a comment by a former employer, who got on me for stepping on the clutch of a 35 hp gear-drive Massey Ferguson when using the loader - he said I should pick a gear a drive into the pile of dirt, lift the loader and then put in the clutch to engage reverse. I had been putting the clutch in just as the bucket was filling, then lifted it... wonder if I (and the previous owner of the 950) was riding the clutch in a particularly strenuous way?

    Of course, you've seen plenty of people driving around with their foot on the brakes of their car, illuminating the tail lights all the time. If he were doing the same with the clutch, it would wear out faster that normal.

    Last thought would be he had an aftermarket clutch put in?

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    Default Re: Does my tractor really only have 830 hours??

    Well, since you've bought the tractor, it's kind of a done deal.

    Yes, 830 hours is low for a clutch, if the operator knows how to use and not abuse a clutch.

    At this point, you'll probably have to take the hit, if a new clutch is required, unless you got a warranty (very unlikely on a used tractor).

    As far as the cost, if the dealer does it, I'd suggest you're in the neighborhood of $2000-$2500 (parts ain't cheap and neither is labor). I do suggest you don't buy a rebuilt clutch...warranty on most I've seen (automotive, not tractors) was replacement of the defective product, not the labor.

    Good luck to you!
    Roy Jackson

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    Default Re: Does my tractor really only have 830 hours??

    As mentioned above, clutch life is very dependent on driver skill and type of work being used for. Loader operation is notoriously hard on clutches, but with a good operator, you can still expect thousands of hours of life. On the other hand, I have seen a bad operator ruin a new clutch in under 24 hours(one day). The one drawback of the two stage clutch arrangement in the 50 series tractors, is you don't get full life from the transmission clutch before it causes problems with operation of the pto clutch. As Roy mentioned, the original equipment clutch parts for these tractors are very expensive. I am sure there are cheaper options out there, but I have no experience on quality of any other brands. A complete clutch assembly for these tractors costs around $2400.00 for the part without labor. Other parts such as thow-out bearing and pilot bearing is also needed. Usually clutch can be repaired without complete replacement for $1200.00-1500.00 in parts. All of this is assuming you have the two stage clutch. Some of the earliest 950's had single stage clutches. Parts are much cheaper for those. Good Luck!

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