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    Default 4200 my bucket won't stay up

    My front bucket seems to work fine in all modes. it's only when the bucket is full that it lowers very slowly. is this just low fluid in the hydrolic system,
    I can't see the sight glass as the backhoe is on

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    Default Re: 4200 my bucket won't stay up

    Almost all buckets will drop over time. A full bucket will drop faster.
    It is called "leak down" I believe and is natural unless it is too fast and interferes with your work. If it is too fast you may have a hydraulic leak. There is a rate of drop adjustment for the 3 point hitch but I do not believe there is anything for the fel that will control the drop rate.

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    Default Re: 4200 my bucket won't stay up

    Yep, I was bushhogging yesterday with the FEL on it would slowly drop down about a foot or two every 20 minutes or so. It happens slow enough that if you're not paying real close attention to keep it up, it could get low enough to hit something (stump or dirt mound). That was with it empty of course, so I'm sure it would drop quicker if there were anything in the bucket.
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    Default Re: 4200 my bucket won't stay up

    you need seal kits in at least one of your bucket cylinders. they are leaking internally. the seals on the piston are out. you can buy the seal kits and do them yourself. tear them both down and rebuild one at a time. while they're disassembled, inspect the cylinder bore for any deep scratching. no seal kit will fix a cylinder scratch. if you're not sure how they come back together, will give a cylinder blow up. any tractor dealer with a decent service dept can rebuild it for you if you get the parts.

    good luck!!

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