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    Default Do you have a 3x20 or 4x20 Tractor? If so, Please Help!

    If you have a 3x20 or 4x20 tractor, please post the year, model, and hours of your tractor. Also please post any problems you have had with the tractor and the approximate hours the problems happened. If you have had no trouble, please tell us. Also, please let us know if any modifications you have done to improve on the tractor design.

    Thank you for your help.

    I wanted to post a poll, but the forum will not allow it.

    --I had an open station 2006 3720 with the 300cx loader. No Mods, No Problems had 256 hours when sold in 2008.

    --I have a cabbed 2008 3720 with the 300cx loader. A few electrical mods to operate lighting separate. I have had problems with the hydraulics being jerky when below 45 degrees and the three point is currently lowering and raising about an inch every 60 seconds. It has 244 hours and will be sold this month.

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    Default Re: Do you have a 3x20 or 4x20 Tractor? If so, Please Help!

    Tractor: 2008 3520 Cab
    Hours: 145
    -Cab Roof Seal @ 0 Hours (Pre-Delivery)
    -Loader Seemed "shaky or loose" to me @ 75 hours

    Modifications....Nuttin Yet...

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    Default Re: Do you have a 3x20 or 4x20 Tractor? If so, Please Help!

    I have had the following:

    2004 4120 - no problems with over 400 hours when sold
    2006 3320 - had a backhoe so needed PB kit serviced for noise
    2008 4120 - parking brake lever needs adjusting but should be traded in today for a brand new 2010 4720 CAB tractor

    No mods on any of my JD tractors.

    John Deere 3320 - 72D Auto Connect deck

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    Default Re: Do you have a 3x20 or 4x20 Tractor? If so, Please Help!

    2009 JD 4520 cab
    - steering wheel squeaks, you can take it apart and lube the white washer but it will start again in a few hours
    - heater hoses chaffing as then enter the bottom of the cab, had to wrap them in nylon spiral wrap. They were being cut by the metal frame.
    - wrapped on of the steering lines where it was rubbing against the frame
    - Tightened up the wiring harness with a few more tie-wraps
    - I need to extend the condensate drain from the cab, it drips on the 3 PT area and causes the grass to stick to everything when I'm mowing
    - I need to move the horn. It is right in front of the radiators making them harder to clean out, I also think it blocks them too much
    - The mechanism that sets the max down position for the 3 PT hitch doesn't really work. It's flimsy and cheap.

    '09 JD4520 Cab (60HP), '97 KubotaB21 TLB (21HP), MX6 rotary mower, SB1106 6' Sickle Bar, BB3272 6' box blade, GradeMaster 7' Landplane, 6' landscape rake, Woods GTC 40" tiller, PHD 9" auger, 4' x 8' chain harrow, '90 JD318 (18HP gas) with 48" MM mower, 54" front blade, 47" snowblower.
    Volunteer Firefighter.

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    Default Re: Do you have a 3x20 or 4x20 Tractor? If so, Please Help!

    2007 JD 3720 w/cab - Currently has 320 hrs. Defective roof seal when delivered causing poor A/C and heat - roof seal replaced. Think it may have been damaged when dealer installed radio.

    2008 4320 OS - 240 hrs when traded. Battery acid leaking out top of battery and getting sucked back into radiator - fixed with new battery with vent tube. Radiator was replaced due to battery acid damaging cores. Coolant leaks at front head gasket - seals and gaskets replaced. All work covered under warranty.

    2010 4320 OS - currently has 65 hrs. Problem free to date.

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    Default Re: Do you have a 3x20 or 4x20 Tractor? If so, Please Help!

    2007 - 4120 w/ 400x loader here. Bought used w/ about 430 hrs.
    (1) Tilt wheel semi-functional - no real problem
    (2) Possible front axle seal leak - keeping an eye on it
    (3) Recent PB install - mine's noisy too.

    Overall pretty satisfied w/ machine in about 50 hrs. use so far.
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    Default Re: Do you have a 3x20 or 4x20 Tractor? If so, Please Help!

    2006 3320 w/300CX Loader - Currently has about 155 hrs. Only problem I had was the battery leaked acid on to the tray, but I cleaned it up and it didn't do too much damage. For what it's worth, I didn't purchase the tractor brand new, I bought it used in Sept. of 08' with 10 hours on it.
    2006 JD 3320 PowrReverser w/ 300cx Loader[/URL], 61" HD Bucket w/ Toothbar, Horst Fixed Forks, IMatch, Ballast Box, Filled R4's, Vertical Exhaust, Warning Light Brush Guards, Auxiliary Forward Lighting Kit, Rear Work Light, 68" Ratchet Rake, & a Woods PRD7200 Finish Mower
    2004 JD Gator 6x4
    81' Gravely 8173-KT
    99' Gravely 20-G
    06' Ram 3500 DRW 4x4 5.9 Cummins

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    Default Re: Do you have a 3x20 or 4x20 Tractor? If so, Please Help!

    Family member's 3320 cab model, no loader, purchased new in 2006: 220 hours, no problems.

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    Default Re: Do you have a 3x20 or 4x20 Tractor? If so, Please Help!

    2006 O/S 3320 with 300 CX Loader, purchased 2/09 with 625 hrs on it.
    Now has 804 hours on it, issues:

    Cruise Control switch wouldn't engage, milled down the front of the switch for more travel, problem fixed.

    Loader kept popping off masts under certain conditions, removed loader and found masts were installed (at the dealer when I purchased it) on the wrong sides. Switched the masts, problem fixed.

    Experience occasional fogging of instrument panel, no fix.

    I have a 5' box blade and a 5' brush mower to maintain my 5 acre homeplace.

    No other issues, great tractor!
    2006 JD 3320, 300CX FEL, 60" King Kutter BB, 60" King Kutter Bush Hog, Home-made 3pt receiver hitch, Looking for used implements.

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    Default Re: Do you have a 3x20 or 4x20 Tractor? If so, Please Help!

    On my 4520 cab tractor I had a computer glitch at around 20 hrs which would not allow the tractor to move. The dealer came out and jacked it up on stands and reprogrammed the computer. No issues with anything else since then.

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