I have owned a 1990 970 Deere since the spring and have 450 hours on it. It has a 2-stage clutch, MFWD, and factory 80 FEL and came with Turf Tires. The previous original owner hardly used it. It came with a Woods Hoe and a lot of other implements. It is replacing a worn out Ferguson 35 and various garden tractors.

Another Post topic entitled 870 Warning involves a lot of clutch discussions including a $1,500 parts/$2,100 repair cost and a dealer mentioning a 500 to 1,000 hour time before failure with several people discussing repairs at 600 hours.

A post by "tractorman" who appears to be a dealer said that he had a source for aftermarket parts including the clutch. Several people asked for his source but I have not seen a reply yet.

Tractorman, if you're listening, I'd be interested in talking with you about your aftermarket source for the 870 (70 Series).

I have found out that Deere has discontinued just about all "Kits" for the 670/770/870/970/1070 Series. While you can get some accessories, they seem to have to be ordered in pieces by individual part number.

When I wanted to put AgLug tires on my 870, I found out I needed another complete set of wheels (2pc. rears) and very specific size tires for all four wheels. It finally became clear that this was due to matching the gear ratios on both differentials on the MFWD. Fine, but it also meant nearly $2,000 for mounted rims all the way around!!! Ouch! I got lucky. A dealer had a set of "trade ins" with little use and sold them to me for $1,000.

I noticed the rims said "Japan" on them. Since the tractor has a Yanmar engine and is metric, I said point blank to the dealer..."is the 870 built by Yanmar?" And he said, "Yep."



If I hadn't found the trade in wheels/tires, I was planning to go to other Japanese tractor dealers and see if there might be wheels and tires that matched my specs.

I was able to locate a NLA new Mid PTO kit (which is NLA from Deere but not cheap). Luck again held when I found a hardly used 72 MMM for $475.

The two rear hydraulic options are still stocked by Deere (but NOT cheap). For about $190 you can tap the hydraulics for Power Beyond with a nice neat Kit.

Another rear kit pipes the Mid Terminal hydraulic system for the FEL back to a rear Terminal. This allows the use of the SCV (joystick) for the FEL on rear implements BUT it requires the disconnection of the FEL at the Mid Terminal (not great). This kit is VERY expensive (I think the dealer said $600) and who wants to have to disconnect the FEL in order to have rear hydraulics?

I'm very interested in finding aftermarket sources for this tractor BEFORE I need them and would appreciate any leads out there.

I very much like this tractor but I find it hard to get a dealer to provide information (or even look up parts). Often times I end up knowing more about what I'm looking for than they do.

I did get one tidbit out of one (older gent) dealer when I asked him what to watch out for with the 870. He just said, "clutch."

Another dealer had, perhaps, just as useful advice when he actually told me, "you have to expect big bills when you move up to the big tractors."

The 70 Series seems to be too old for Deere but too new for salvage yards to have any used parts.

Apologies in advance for the long post. I'll try to report back any additional findings.