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    Default Aux lights - connector question

    I have a stock 1999 JD 4100 HST that I would like to put a set of non-OEM work lights on, for plowing snow and night work. I am planning on mounting them high on the ROPS. Under the seat is a pair of electrical connectors, they are plastic spade-type female connectors where one spade is perpendicular to the other in the connector body. So to be clear, I have two, 2-post connectors - one on the left and one on the right.

    I would like to find the male half of these connectors, as they both appear to be useful for just this purpose and they get 12v when the headlights are on. My dealer has no clue what I am talking about (actually, he can't find what I am talking about) and there is nothing in his computerized parts list or in the 4100 Technical manual that tells me a part number or anything for these connectors. I hope they're something off the shelf, otherwise I may just cut them off and replace them with something that works.

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    Default Re: Aux lights - connector question

    Buying the right connector (either one that mates or just getting a set) is how I've done that before. Too much variety in connectors, IMO.

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