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    Default 2520 Front Quick Hitch

    Well, when all else fails, go to the experts, so here goes.

    I recently bought a new JD 2520. I also have an X495, for which I also had a JD Front quick hitch, and the JD 54" blade. When I ordered the 2520, part of my deal was to trade the hitch I had, for the proper one to fit the 2520.

    I also have the 62D mower on the 2520, and in order to mount the front quick hitch, you have to change the bracket that is used to hold the front arm of the mower deck, to a different bracket, which will now hold the front quick hitch. (pic #2 shows the hitch bracket upper right)

    They have the 2 hydraulic lines for the up/down cylinder, routed between the frame of the hitch itself, and the 2 lines for the angle control cylinder on the outside of the hitch frame. (pic #1 shows the hydraulic lines the best) It would appear to me that it would be better to route all the lines on the inside of the hitch frame, so I called my dealer, and he looked up a picture of the unit, and apparently it does show the lines routed the same way as they are on mine.

    The reason I question this is that the bracket that holds the front hitch has 2 holes, about 3" diameter, (you can see the holes in pics 2 & 3) which I assume the hydraulic lines are to be routed through, on their way to the SCV connector. It would seem to me that if all the lines were routed through the center of the hitch frame, (instead of having the 2 on the outside of the frame) it would be easier to feed the lines through the holes in the bracket, and actually be a more secure route. For that matter, to me it looks like it would have made more sense to have the holes in the bracket on the other side, which would have made a more direct route to the SCV.

    On this setup, the 2 lines on the outside of the hitch frame are more open and potentially could be damaged easier.

    Anyone know why the lines are set up this way?

    I would appreciate it if anyone else has a set up like mine would check how the lines are routed on your hitch.

    My dealer does not know why it is this way, they just followed the picture in their install literature I guess. I didn't get any paperwork or instruction sheets on how you mount the front hitch and bracket on the tractor, and after looking at it for a while, and envisioning how to do it in my mind, it looked a little strange.

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