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    Default Walter Mauser cab for Gators

    Has anyone been experiencing cab windows spontaneously blowing out on gators?

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    Default Re: Walter Mauser cab for Gators

    Nope - my 07 HPX has the full glass package has never had a window or door blow.

    Details? pictures? may help us help you

    You mentioned window - hopefully it wasnt a door - at $1.5k each that would be a real bummer

    In general the "delux" cab is really nice. The back window is held in place by four tabs and is easy to remove and "adjust"
    The doors come off hinges and I keep mine off most of the time. Side windows are held on by tabs like the back and should also be easy to "adjust"

    so what happened to yours?
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    Default Re: Walter Mauser cab for Gators

    I have noticed there is some gasket deteriorization on the front widow. No blow outs yet.
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