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    Default Yeeehaaaa 17" of fun in the sun(Family safe)

    My best quesstiment is 17" of snow from this last storm. With the wind it was hard to measure. Measurements varied from dusting to 6 foot. In the quieter wind protected areas 17" was about the average. 155 foot driveway took 2 hours plus to dig out with the end loader, and the son using a JD 928E snowblower. All told 8 hours plus seat time, 9 drives dug out, 1 pick up, 1 van pulled out of drifts or plowed in on the street. Approximently 11 gallons of diesel, 4 gallons of gas burned. Total fuel cost, $61.00 in fuel burned, $0.00 paid by those I dug out. Just neighbors helping neighbors. I'm sure when I'm down they will be there for me. If not, I know I helped. Had a blast doing it too. My face still hurts from grinning. BTW, wifey seriously thinking about the need for a 3pt blower. One more good blizzard and I may have that 72" blower!!

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    Default Re: Yeeehaaaa 17" of fun in the sun(Family safe)

    get the blower, its amazing how quick and efficient they are. it does take away from a little seat time but maybe it will get you a few more driveways to clear in the same amount of time. 72", dang, that will do some damage on that 17".
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    Default Re: Yeeehaaaa 17" of fun in the sun(Family safe)

    Nice thing about a blower is no snow piles to create bigger drifts when you are done.
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