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    Default How do I remove the fuel filter bowl locking ring?

    The JD2320 operators manual instructs me to turn it counterclockwise. But normally with a right hand thread it would be turned clockwise as seen from the top.
    I can't see any threads so that doesn't help. It's on too tight to turn by hand and a rubber strap wrench didn't work. I'm thinking that a oil filter wrench might be what I need.
    I need to be able to remove the filter if I get fuel gelling or paraffin precipitation.
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    Default Re: How do I remove the fuel filter bowl locking ring?

    Ah, but it should be looked at from the bottom. That's the way the ring nut is threaded. It really shouldn't be very tight. Can you get a pipe wrench around the 'nut' while holding the bowl with your hand?
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    Default Re: How do I remove the fuel filter bowl locking ring?

    Might help to see the parts breakdown. You are wanting to turn the ring off that secures the hanging filter bowl, and they are normal right-hand threads. Get a grip on the ring item 24 and push to the left.
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    Default Re: How do I remove the fuel filter bowl locking ring?

    Mine took a lot to break loose. I probably sprayed Triflow or Kroil on part 24, the lock collar in hopes that it might help unstick things. I may have removed the whole assembly from the tractor to get a better grip on the lock collar. I do not recall if I used a strap wrench or a pipe wrench to break it loose. It sure would be nice if someone sold a spud wrench/spanner, kind of like what you use to remove that nut that holds the agitator or drum in a top loader washing machine. It was/is right hand thread. Part 24 came loose with less stuggle a few years later. Either I did not overtorque, or it was less years so it did not corrode together as much.

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    Default Re: How do I remove the fuel filter bowl locking ring?

    It should not be on all that tight. Water pump pliers worked for me. Gave me a good feel and just broke it loose with them (turning to the left). Then just unscrewed the locking collar by hand. Going back together make sure everything is clean. I put on just a drop or two of diesel to lubricate and hand tightened until it seated and then another quarter turn. No problems since (10-12 hours or so).

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    Default Re: How do I remove the fuel filter bowl locking ring?

    The ring on my 4010 fuel filter was impossible to turn by almost anything that I had. What I ended up doing (and do it all the time now) is to remove the entire filter/bowl assembly from its mounting on the frame. There's a single 12 mm bolt holding it in place. Then it's easy to rotate the whole assembly on the flexible rubber lines to/from it to get at that silly ring.

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