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    Default Advice needed - thanks

    Hello all..

    New to the forum - great forum by the way - and would like some advice, please. I just bought my first tractor - '06 JD 4120 / 400X FEL / R4 tires (rears very worn, front new) with PowerReverser tranny. Tractor was used on a tree nursery and has a bunch of hours, 4400. Tractor is in very nice condition and runs/operates great. A good buddy knows the complete history of the tractor since he is in charge of keeping up the equipment. I'm going to do an oil change soon and plan to use the JD plus 50 15w40 (weight they used) and a JD filter (we're in the deep south). I've worked the tractor for a couple weeks now - box blade / FEL, and I'm like a kid in a candy store with this new toy. Can you folks give me any advice on maintenance/use that might let this tractor last long enough to pass it down to my boy?
    I plan to use it to plow ~2 acres, bush hog ~6 acres (clean, flat ground), and box blade ~1000' of driveway. I'd also like to clean up a couple acres of wooded land, but will not use/abuse the tractor knocking down trees. Last thing, I was able to get the tractor for $8K, so I really am not worried the cost of having to do any major repairs in the near future. I think that was a pretty good deal. I've got to admit - I washed and waxed it when I got it home.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Default Re: Advice needed - thanks

    Get yourself a maintenance manual. And a operators manual. Then you can head off small problems before they get big, hopefully. Oh, welcome to the forums. There are a lot of knowledgeable people here that can help if you need it.
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    Default Re: Advice needed - thanks

    Besides the manual, ask your buddy who was doing the work on it. Sounds like he may have a wealth of knowledge for you to pick.
    And welcome. You going to post a photo of the beast?

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    Default Re: Advice needed - thanks

    Yep.... X3 here on the manuals. Every JD I've owned - I've bought the books for it! Good investment for the long-term.

    Once you've got info for the necessary maintainence schedule -- try to determine how closely the Nursery guys followed up on taking care of things when they were scheduled to.

    That will help you to decide what chores might need to be done at this time. Hydraulic fluid replacement and filters for transmission and front differential. Fuel filters... there are several items that might be due about now besides oil change and filter.

    Welcome to TBN. Good luck with your new tractor. Post some pics.

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