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    Default Snow Blower or Plow

    I'm debating on whether to purchase a snow blower or a plow for my john deere 345. I'd rather a plow because the blower gets you soaking wet, but i feel like a blower would be much more efficient. I can't decide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by critter986
    I'm debating on whether to purchase a snow blower or a plow for my john deere 345. I'd rather a plow because the blower gets you soaking wet, but i feel like a blower would be much more efficient. I can't decide.
    I have a single stage blower on my GX345 and it works great. I'm sure a two stage would be even better yet. I used it for a while without a cab and it really wasn't that bad. I recently came across a beautiful Curtis cab, and couldn't pass it up. Now all I need is a heater, and I will be all set for next winter.

    As far as a plow goes, I don't know how much snow a 2wd tractor will be able to handle, before having traction problems. If you have a differential lock, I'm sure that would help, just not sure if it will be enough in deep wet snow.
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    Default Re: Snow Blower or Plow

    It is a tough decision. Check out the Snow Removal forum here for a lot of different snow moving systems from members.
    I have a 7' blade and move snow from 1/4 mile with three turn-arounds. A blower would simply take too long, and require much more maintenance than a blade. But then I have a place to put the snow, and a wing plow to help put it there, and a tractor to make it work. Toss on the snowmobile helmet when the wind blows and have fun.
    Good luck on your decision.

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    Default Re: Snow Blower or Plow

    It is, indeed, a decision that has to weigh many factors. Having 600' of crushed stone driveway and several hundred yards of tractor/wood roads I keep cleared in central Vermont, and already having a 60" rear blade, I opted for a 47" front mount 2-stage blower for my 4115. Some of my reasoning was that plowing dug up my driveway and always some of my lawn, I have no neighbors close enough to worry about throwing snow (or stones...) on their property or cars, and the edges of the drive don't build up so deep I need to wing it back several times a winter. The blower, as I found out this winter, does take some maintenance and I do have to manually adjust the skids a few times per winter, depending on how soft or frozen the ground is. As for getting wet or covered with snow, I have Carhartt extreme coveralls, ski goggles, knit cap, and various gloves or heavy mitts. Blowing is definitely slower than plowing but I love seeing those plums of snow shoot 50' off into the woods and the clean edges of the driveway. When needed, I use the rear blade to clean the piles of snow, dirt, and gravel the town truck leaves at the end of the drive.
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    Default Re: Snow Blower or Plow

    I would base that decision on the amount of snow you expect in your area and how much space you have available to push the snow. A plow is cheaper, but tends to dig up the ground more. It is also limited by the weight and power of your tractor. Unless you have a fairly heavy (over 2,000 lb.) tractor you are not going to be able to push too much snow. A blower will handle most anything mother nature can throw at you. It will also eliminate the issue of where to push the snow.

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