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    Default 3520 and the 59" blower


    Yes, I know it's spring and the snow is gone for at least 6 months but I started negotiations for a new 3520 today so I need to find out about some stuff.

    I know the 59" blower has a rep for being a super reliable setup for the 790's, 3120's and 3320's but I'm wondering how people with the 3520 and 3720 turbo models find it holds up to the added HP and torque. One of the reviews on this site noted that the added HP of the turbo models pretty much destroyed the fan housing in heavy wet snow as the tractor with the turbo didn't bog down and it overloaded the unit until the housing gave out.

    I have looked at the kubota front blower on the Grand L series and it's built like a tank, I have no doubt that it will handle the 60HP of the biggest Grand L turbo for many years, I don't get that same warm and fuzzy feeling with the 59" Deere front blower when I think about it in front of a 3520 or 3720. Hopefully you can put my concerns to rest as I prefer to own a Deere.


    I live in NH snow country on the side of a mountain i get a ton of snow so I have to make sure this is going to work well for a long time.
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    Default Re: 3520 and the 59" blower

    I have a 3720 cab model, R4 large tires loaded with Rim Guard and the 59 inch blower. It is a new unit and I only used it for about 12 hours of blowing snow this winter due to the late delivery of the tractor. Prior to this I had a JD 4400 with a 59 inch blower this is almost identical to the new one. That blower had at least 100 hours on it and had picked up a lot of loose gravel and even some rocks which caused damage because the shear bolts didn't break. The older one did have a little vibration when it operated most likely due to the numerous gravel rocks it threw. The new one is running smooth as silk. So I think I have given this model blower a fair test and I recommend it as a useful and well built unit. I wish the impeller had some shear bolt protection but only the auger has shear bolts. I have used both blowers in a wide variety of snow types (wet dry etc) and I am very satisfied with it.

    Hope this rambling helps!

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    Default Re: 3520 and the 59" blower

    I have a 2007 3720 cab tractor with 59" snow blower. It has cleared an awful lot of snow the past 4 winters on my 2600 ft driveway as well as my neighbors when his skid steer couldn't handle the deeper snows. I have had exactly zero trouble with the blower and have never sheered a pin. You cannot tell when the blower is running -- no noise and no vibration. I've had other tractors, blowers and plows and would not part with the 3720 and 59 blower setup for clearing snow.

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    Default Re: 3520 and the 59" blower

    I just finished my first winter with my new 3520 and 59 inch blower. No problems at all. I do wish it was a little wider though. My driveway is 2200 feet long and I get a lot of drifting. It worked very well. I understand what you mean about the kubota blowers, they do seem to be built quite well, however I think the 59 inch won't let you down.

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    Default Re: 3520 and the 59" blower

    Currently - 3720 / 59" blower - bullet proof
    previous - 955 & 4410 / 59" blower - bullet proof
    Any questions?

    Only thing I wish for is shear pins.

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    Default Re: 3520 and the 59" blower

    Approx 60 hrs this past winter with 3720 and 59" blower. 2 auger shear bolts is all the work I have done to it. Worked like butter. As others stated, tad wider would be nice but not that big of an issue.

    And FWIW.... The snow this yr was some of the wettest and heaviest we have had in yrs!!!!

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