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    Default Torque Converter issues!

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and would like to say hello everyone! I hate to jump right in with my problems but I have no other option!

    I own a JD 210C skip loader, I was operating today and all was fine, suddenly forward began to slip and ultimatley reverse did the same! It;s an older tractor I bought used with no manual.

    Could someone direct me to the proper procedure to check the fluids for the transmission? does it use transmission fluid or hydraulic fluid?

    Thanks everyone

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    Default Re: Torque Converter issues!

    There are Deere 210C operator and tech manuals both on eBay if interested.

    Can't help with specific question. A search on JD 210C on TBN hit on several threads discussing this TLB from members that might help.

    Also, jdparts may provide you with good info if part numbers and part locations are of interest.
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