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    Default 2520, 2720 seat suspension kit?

    I have read all of the post on upgrading to a suspension seat. You guys that have done this have done a very good job, by the way. I'm looking for a less expensive way. Has anyone tried to modify a seat suspension kit? John Deere sells them for other mowers for around $300. There is a guy on ebay that has a similar kit for $160 that is American made and not a knock off from China. I'm thinking about buying the ebay kit and putting it under my factory seat. I know that what ever I buy I'll have to MAKE it fit. I just wish J.D. would offer a bolt on kit. What do you guys think?
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    Default Re: 2520, 2720 seat suspension kit?

    Let us know how it works. I'm all ears and eyes.

    I often try to think what "suspension" means when it comes to a seat. Cushioned support? Air ride? Spring ride?

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    Default Re: 2520, 2720 seat suspension kit?

    My opinion is that a suspension seat can be either spring or air. What makes it suspension is that it can travel more than a standard seat and offer varying levels of support. JD lists the standard seat on the 2x20 as suspension or suspended but in my mind the coil springs shouldn't be classified as suspension.

    Good luck cabman and let us know how it works!

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